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GEO Nation Summary of Company

Company Name GEO Nation Co., Ltd
Location (Headquarter) 1F, Imaizumi Building, 2-11-5 Hirakawa-cho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo (Zip 102-0093) access map
Capital 14,950,000 Yen
CEO Kim, Hyojin CEO Greetings
Date of Establishment November 2007
Relative Companies TOADENKA Co., Ltd. Partnership
GEO Nation Group Global Network
Business Planning, Development, Manufacturing, Sales, Export and Import and Maintenance of Electronic Equipment and Parts, and Electronic Parts/ Planning, Development, Production, Sales, and Export and Import and Maintenance/ Export and Import of Chemicals (including dyeing paint)/ Export and Import of Machine Equipment and Parts for Manufacturing Chemicals/ Guide, Training, Dispatch of Technique Instructor about Electronic Products and Parts, and Electronic Parts/ Guide, Training, Dispatch of Computer Operator about Software of Computer/ Technology Consulting of Software of Computer, Electronic Products and Electronic Parts/ All jobs related to above jobs
Office Name GEO Nation R&D Center
Location (R&D Center) Morioka Industrial Complex, 20-7 Iwahana, Sibutamiaja, Tamayamaku, Moriokasi, Iwateken
(zip 028-4132)
Date of Establishment April 2016
R&D matters Research and development of TRI SYSTEM, GT STORM, GTI.
Research and development on surface treatment (reforming) of various metals.
Research and development of equipment for anodic oxidation treatment of metal, jig for mass production, rectifier.



Obtained a patent for TRI SYSTEM

  • TRI System registration

    TRI SYSTEM trademark registration

  • TRI-System Partnership

    TRI-System Partnership

Academic-Industrial Collaboration of KIT

  • Industry-Academy Cooperative Family Membership Certificate

    Industry-Academy Cooperative

    Family Membership Certificate
  • Business cooperation agreement

    Business cooperation agreement

Tokyo Metropolitan Government ・
Management Innovation Plan Approved

  • Management Innovation Plan

    Management Innovation Plan

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