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About us

Greeting from CEO of GEO Nation


Thank you very much for visiting our homepage.
GEO Nation was established with the purpose of offering superb goods and advanced technology to the whole world in order to attribute to progress of humankind.
Since good products (GOODS) and excellent technology (ENGINEERING) are born from excellent talents, we will achieve the goal through human resource development.
We always believe that GEO Nation talents are the very, who have positive thoughts and passion for their own works, can contribute to human development.

GEO Nation is going to develop a profit-sharing and welfare system to create a good workplace where employees can work with pride.
The synergy effect of the above mentioned a positive thought, a passion for one’s work, and a pride workplace that can achieve our founding purpose by offer the good products (GOODS) and excellent technology (ENGINEERING).It will also attribute to progress of humankind.

In order to make a good workplace by sharing the benefits and developing the welfare system, our executives and shareholders will always do their best without forgetting the beginning.

We took the first step toward the world.
We will not stop even though many obstacles are expected to block our progress in the future. We give our promise to become GEO Nation who think positively and practice with laying <I might have an ordeal but not a failure> by Jung Ju Yong, President of Hyundai Group, and <To respect the heaven and to love people> of management philosophy of Japanese Kyocera Group to the heart.
We will do our best to overcome difficulties.

GEO Nation Co., Ltd.
CEO Kim Hyo Jin

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