It shows superb shielding

    Manufacturing and Sales, License Management, Sales of Treatment Liquid
    TOA-Denka & GEO Nation Partnership

  • FRP(Fiber Reinforced Plastics)

    Development of Cutting Edge Materials

    Parts of Automobile, Aviation, Ship, and General Industry
    Portable IT parts such as battery cover


    Most advanced surface treatment technology for light metal alloys

    Manufacturing and Sales, License Management
    TOA-Denka & GEO Nation Partnership


  • Summary of Company
  • Connecting Business of Metals and Plastics
  • New Materials Business

GEO Nation Co., Ltd. offers superb goods and advanced technology
to the whole world in order to attribute to humankind.

GEO Nation appreciate your visit our homepage.
We made an exclusive license with TOADENKA Co., Ltd. for commercializing the TRI SYSTEM
and connecting technology which unite metals and resins and securing the production techniques.
We give our promise to satisfy customers with the top technology and best products.

We ask for your continued support.


  • 2018.8.6

    Home Page has been updated.

  • 2016.4.1

    We open an official homepage of GEO Nation Co,, Ltd.
    We ask for your continued support.

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